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Audio disc (spoken word) from Complete examples – bibliographic records (unconstrained)

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# Example: Audio disc (spoken word) from Complete examples – bibliographic records (unconstrained)
# 11 May 2016
  rdau:P60053 "Munro, Alice, 1931-" ;
  rdau:P60119 "Alice Munro" ;
  rdau:P60549 "Munro, Alice" ;
  rdau:P60599 "1931" .
  rdau:P60119 "Ruth Fraser" ;
  rdau:P60549 "Fraser, Ruth" .
  rdau:P60119 "Judy Mahbey" ;
  rdau:P60549 "Mahbey, Judy" .
  rdau:P60119 "Lawrie Seligman" ;
  rdau:P60549 "Seligman, Lawrie" .
  rdau:P60119 "Eric Wagers" ;
  rdau:P60549 "Wagers, Eric" .
  rdau:P60048 rdact:1004 ;
  rdau:P60048 rdact:1013 ;
  rdau:P60049 rdaco:1013 ;
  rdau:P60050 rdamt:1001 ;
  rdau:P60050 rdamt:1003 ;
  rdau:P60051 rdami:1002 ;
  rdau:P60052 "ISBD 0-86492-398-8" ;
  rdau:P60052 "Munro, Alice, 1931- . Lives of girls and women" ;
  rdau:P60069 "\u00A92005" ;
  rdau:P60099 "English"@en ;
  rdau:P60073 "[date of publication not identified]"@en ;
  rdau:P60093 "audio file"@en ;
  rdau:P60153 "Mahbey, Judy" ;
  rdau:P60163 "Fredericton, NB, Canada" ;
  rdau:P60313 "Originally broadcast on CBC Radio 1981"@en ;
  rdau:P60313 "Abridgement of the first print edition published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1971"@en ;
  rdau:P60314 rdaef:1007 ;
  rdau:P60327 "Alice Munro" ;
  rdau:P60327 "narrated by Judy Mahbey"@en ;
  rdau:P60327 "produced by Lawrie Seligman"@en ;
  rdau:P60327 "recording engineer: Eric Wagers"@en ;
  rdau:P60343 "by Ruth Fraser"@en ;
  rdau:P60365 "Abridged" ;
  rdau:P60372 ""Born on the backwards 'Flats Road', Del Jordan is a 'nice girl' with big dreams in a small town that expects little from women beyond marriage and babies. In linked short stories, Del suffers embarrassment at the hands of her encyclopedia-selling mother, endures her body's insistent desires, and falls passionately in love with a young lumberyard worker, only to lose her chance of a university scholarship" - Container."@en ;
  rdau:P60394 ex:A2 ;
  rdau:P60395 ex:A5 ;
  rdau:P60398 ex:A4 ;
  rdau:P60434 ex:A1 ;
  rdau:P60490 "http://www.gooselane.com" ;
  rdau:P60515 "Lives of girls and women" ;
  rdau:P60521 "$29.95 (Canada)" ;
  rdau:P60521 "$24.95 (United States)" ;
  rdau:P60539 "12 cm" ;
  rdau:P60543 rdatr:1002 ;
  rdau:P60547 "BTC Audiobooks" ;
  rdau:P60550 "3 audio discs"@en ;
  rdau:P60557 "61:46, 62:09, 61:18" ;
  rdau:P60594 rdarm:1003 .
rdaco:1013 skos:prefLabel "spoken word"@en .
rdact:1004 skos:prefLabel "audio disc"@en .
rdact:1013 skos:prefLabel "computer disc"@en .
rdaef:1007 skos:prefLabel "CD audio"@en .
rdami:1002 skos:prefLabel "multipart monograph"@en .
rdamt:1001 skos:prefLabel "audio"@en .
rdamt:1003 skos:prefLabel "computer"@en .
rdarm:1003 skos:prefLabel "optical"@en .
rdatr:1002 skos:prefLabel "digital"@en .

This example corresponds to Audio disc (spoken word) from Complete examples - bibliographic records.

The example uses unconstrained RDA properties.

This example is also used for the RDA Example: Audio disc (spoken word) r-ball. Note that variations in the RDF representations are intentional and are compatible with RDA guidance and instructions.