RDA maps

Map from miscelleneous deprecated to published RDA value vocabulary concepts

@prefix owl:  .
@prefix IllusContent:  .
@prefix digiRepCarto:  .
# Map from deprecated RDA concepts to published RDA concepts
# in miscellaneous value vocabularies.
# 15 Jul 2016
IllusContent:1007 owl:sameAs IllusContent:1006 .
IllusContent:1015 owl:sameAs IllusContent:1014 .
digiRepCarto:1003 owl:sameAs RDACartoDT:1001 .
digiRepCarto:1004 owl:sameAs RDACartoDT:1003 .
digiRepCarto:1005 owl:sameAs RDACartoDT:1002 .


This map relates miscelleneous deprecated URIs in RDA value vocabularies to the published URIs.

The map is given in a terse triple language (ttl) serialization.