A small celebration

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Welcome to the RDA Registry blog!

The RDA Development Team will use the blog to post news and views on RDA Reference, the RDA Vocabularies, and the RDA Registry.

We discussed starting a blog when the RDA Registry was first published in 2014, but decided not to take on the commitment while still developing the basic infrastructure for RDA vocabulary management and application. We discussed it again this year at ALA Annual in Orlando, following the RDA Tech Forum and Development Team meeting on Monday afternoon. It was the first chance most of us had been able to meet in person since Midwinter. There was a lot to catch-up on, including the RDA “Grand Tour” of Europe and Langathon, the decision taken in Ottawa to generalize the Registry and Toolkit synchronization platform, the “new Toolkit Glossary” project, and the Toolkit re-organization project. It was also a successful conference for RDA. Diane gave a presentation on RDA alive and well: and still speaking MARC, and I gave presentations on RDA: international linked data for cultural heritage resources, What does RDA linked data look like and how does it benefit users?, and RDA internationalization and application profiles: applying the global to the local.

So now seems the right time to start; we have plenty to post about!

We start with a small celebration. As of Release 2.5.0 of RDA Vocabularies, there is full synchronization between the RDA elements, relationship designators, and vocabulary encoding schemes in RDA Toolkit and the RDA element sets and value vocabularies in RDA Vocabularies. This is a result of completing the RDF representation of the relevant Toolkit information in the Open Metadata Registry (OMR). The RDA Steering Committee and the Development Team collaborated through the first six months of this year on a project to consolidate the Toolkit vocabulary encoding schemes and add missing definitions to concepts, with the aim of setting all of the OMR RDA value vocabularies and concepts to “Published” status. This was a requirement of the new infrastructure for RDA Reference data flow and maintenance.

It also results in the completion of two of the three activities agreed at the “London Meeting”, the Data Model Meeting: British Library, London 30 April - 1 May 2007:

  • development of an RDA Element Vocabulary
  • disclosure of RDA Value Vocabularies using RDF/RDFS/SKOS.

The timeline in Steering Committee announcements:

The London Meeting was the start of several threads that lead to the Development Team and RDA for linked data. Diane Hillmann and I met for the first time, and started to work together as co-chairs of the DCMI/RDA Task Group. When we met again at the Dublin Core conference in Singapore, we took the decision to develop the NSDL Metadata Registry, now the OMR, for RDA (and for IFLA’s namespaces for FRBR and ISBD). For further information, see RDA and the semantic Web.

Our next goal is to complete the third of the activities:

  • development of an RDA DC Application Profile based on FRBR and FRAD

The RSC and Development Team are working on it: there is a placeholder in the Registry. Diane and Jon Phipps presented Application profiles: Exposing and enforcing metadata quality at the Singapore conference; we are hoping to do just that, and before the 10th anniversary!

Why so long? It took that time to make the shift from the classical record reflecting the 19th century world of literature and literary scholarship to the open linked data reflecting the universe of human discourse in the 21st century. And a bunch of other stuff :-)

Gordon Dunsire

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