RDA Vocabularies release v2.7.0

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We just released v2.7.0 of the RDA Vocabularies on GitHub.

The main feature of this release is the new value vocabulary for RDA Regional Encoding.

This release includes minor amendments to property labels and definitions to reflect changes in RDA Toolkit for the forthcoming April 2017 release. We also fixed some issues raised in GitHub.

The English content of RDA Toolkit will be frozen with the April 2017 release, until the April 2018 release following the 3R Project.

We will continue to develop the RDA Vocabularies and RDA Reference during the project.

The RDA element sets will be augmented with new properties for implementing the IFLA Library Reference Model; this is likely to occur in stages.

There are no plans to add new value vocabularies to the RDA instructions. It is possible that vocabularies will be added to support the functional design of the Toolkit.

Translations of RDA Reference will be used to populate full translations of RDA Toolkit in the August 2017 release, extending the infrastructure developed for the English data. We also expect to add partial translations to the Open Metadata Registry as they are prepared. The latest language to be included in RDA Vocabularies is Greek; see the Greek translation of RDA Classes.

Gordon Dunsire

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