About the RDA Registry and vocabularies

RDA Reference: Translations


General information about RDA Reference

Translation policy

The Translation Policy for RDA and RDA Toolkit encourages the publication of translations of RDA Reference data in the RDA Registry.

RDA Reference includes the RDA element sets and value vocabularies.

Official, full translations of RDA Toolkit must allow the RDA Reference translations to be published in the RDA Registry, under an open license (CC BY 4.0). Note that this license allows commercial re-use, to encourage development of applications using RDA linked data.

The addition of less-than-full translations of RDA that cover all or part of RDA Reference is welcome, if the translation is maintained by an RDA user community or individual authorized by ALA Digital Reference.

Contact ALA Digital Reference for further information about full translations of RDA Toolkit that include the RDA guidance and instructions.

RDA Registry

The RDA Registry uses linked data representations of RDA Reference in Resource Description Framework (RDF) managed in the ALA Staff Registry, and provides maps from RDA data to other schema.

Adding and updating translations in the ALA Staff Registry are done by the RSC Translations Working Group.

Applications of RDA Reference data

The RDA vocabulary management infrastructure was developed so that RDA Reference data are maintained in one place and distributed for use in RDA Toolkit, RDA Vocabularies (GitHub), RDA Registry, and external applications such as RIMMF (RDA in Many Metadata Formats).

Much of the content of the Toolkit is based exclusively on the RDA Reference data published in RDA Vocabularies, including element references, broader and narrower element navigation, element browse, vocabulary encoding schemes, and the glossary.

RDA Toolkit uses the RDA Reference data workflow for all language versions of RDA Toolkit.

RDA Vocabularies, the RDA Registry, and RIMMF use all of the translation data.

The RDA Registry offers interactive user control of data display of individual element sets and value vocabularies in every language available in the current version of RDA Vocabularies. For an example with many translations, see RDA Content Type.

RIMMF offers static user control of data display of the elements and values as a whole in every available language. The facility is available via the RIMMF menu: Options > Setup > Set language and labels. The Update language data button ensures that translations from the current version of RDA Vocabularies are used.

The RDA Registry and RIMMF both default to English if a translation in the selected language is not available.