Attribute elements

An element is categorized as an attribute element if its value is a characteristic of the RDA entity that is the domain of the element.

An attribute element does not reference another RDA entity.

Attribute hierarchies

Some attribute elements are arranged in hierarchies.

A hierarchy may reflect the class hierarchy of RDA entities.

Example of attribute hierarchy reflecting class hierarchy

rdaa:P50395 "has note on person" is a sub-property of rdaa:P50391 "has note on agent" is a sub-property of rdax:P00015 "has note on RDA entity".

A hierarchy may reflect an explicit or implicit sub-typing of elements within an entity.

Example of attribute hierarchy reflecting explicit sub-types within an entity

rdam:P30280 "has manifestation copyright statement" is a sub-property of rdam:P30292 "has manifestation statement".

Attribute values

The value of an attribute element is a string that describes the characteristic, or a reference to a value taken from a vocabulary encoding scheme (VES).

The RDA Registry provides a VES for selected elements. For further information, see RDA values

Example of an attribute element that has an associated RDA VES

rdae:P20001 "has content type" is associated with the RDA Content Type value vocabulary.