RDA values

The RDA Registry provides a set of value vocabularies that specify Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) concepts and labels that can be used as the values of metadata statements.

Each value vocabulary is associated with one or more RDA elements.

Not all RDA elements are associated with an RDA value vocabulary. RDA allows any suitable value vocabulary to be used in an RDA application; a vocabular is suitable if it conforms to the semantics of the element.

Each value vocabulary is presented as a vocabulary encoding scheme (VES). Each SKOS concept in a VES is associated with an IRI, preferred label, definition, and notation, and optional scope notes and alternate labels.

The labels, definition, and scope notes of a concept may be available in multiple languages.

Only one preferred label is assigned for a specific language. A preferred label in a specific language is distinct from all other preferred labels in the same language within a VES. A preferred label is not unique between different languages or different VESs

A notation is distinct from all other notations within a VES, but is not unique between different VESs.

Example of RDA value vocabulary concept associated with rdae:P20001 "has content type"

skos: value
Curie rdaco:1001
Preferred label (English) prefLabel "cartographic dataset"
Definition (English) definition "A content type that consists of cartographic content expressed through a digitally encoded dataset intended to be processed by a computer."
Scope notes (English) scopeNote "A cartographic dataset excludes cartographic data intended to be perceived in the form of an image or three-dimensional form."
Notation notation "1001"

The categories of values in a value vocabulary are aligned with the RDA recording methods.

  • structured description: Preferred label
  • identifier: Notation
  • IRI: concept IRI

Examples of usage

Statement Notes
subject predicate object recording method
‹ex:1› ‹rdae:P20001› "cartographic dataset" structured description
‹ex:1› ‹rdae:P20001› "1001" identifier
‹ex:1› ‹rdae:P20001› ‹rdaco:1001› IRI