Relationship elements

An element is categorized as a relationship element if its value is an instance of an RDA entity.

That is, a relationship element references an RDA entity that is associated with the RDA entity that is the domain of the element.

Relationship matrix

A set of high-level, coarse granularity relationships elements is provided for each RDA entity.

The set covers all pair-wise associative relationships between the RDA entities. There are 169 (13x13) elements in the set.

Examples of high-level relationship elements

All other RDA relationship elements are accommodated as refinements of the high-level matrix of relationships by using RDFS sub-property relationships.

RDF graph of the element hierarchy for has screenwriter person

RDF graph of element hierarchy for rdaw:P10429 "has screenwriter person". All predicates are rdfs:subPropertyOf.


Every RDA relationship element has an inverse element.

The inverse element swaps the domain and range of the source element and has a label and definition that reverse the semantic direction of the source element.

A relationship and its inverse form a pair; neither is preferred over the other.

Relationship pairs are linked using a owl:inverseOf declaration in the object version of each element.