RDA alignments

Alignment from RDA carrier types to RDA/ONIX Framework

The alignment relates the RDA Carrier Type value vocabulary to the RDA/ONIX Framework value vocabularies and RDA/ONIX Framework element set.

This display of the alignment is in a tabular format.

RDA Label ROF Storage Medium ROF Housing Format ROF Intermediation Tool
audio belt roll not applicable audio player
audio cartridge roll cartridge audio player
audio cylinder cylinder not applicable audio player
audio disc disc not applicable audio player
audio roll roll not applicable audio player
audio wire reel roll reel audio player
audiocassette roll cassette audio player
audiotape reel roll reel audio player
computer card sheet not applicable computer
computer chip cartridge chip cartridge computer
computer disc disc not applicable computer
computer disc cartridge disc cartridge computer
computer tape cartridge roll cartridge computer
computer tape cassette roll cassette computer
computer tape reel roll reel computer
film cartridge roll cartridge projector
film cassette roll cassette projector
film reel roll reel projector
film roll roll not applicable projector
filmslip strip not applicable projector
flipchart sheet flipchart not required
microscope slide sheet not applicable microscope
online resource file server not applicable computer
roll roll not applicable not required
sheet sheet not applicable not required
sound-track reel roll reel audio player
stereograph card sheet not applicable stereoscope
stereograph disc disc not applicable stereoscope
video cartridge roll cartridge audiovisual player
videocassette roll cassette audiovisual player
videodisc disc not applicable audiovisual player
videotape reel roll reel audiovisual player
volume sheet binding not required
aperture card card (sheet) not applicable aperture card reader (microform reader)
filmstrip roll not applicable filmstrip projector (projector)
filmstrip cartridge strip cartridge filmstrip projector (projector)
microfiche sheet not applicable microfiche reader (microform reader)
microfiche cassette sheet cassette microfiche reader (microform reader)
microfilm cartridge roll cartridge microfilm reader (microform reader)
microfilm cassette roll cassette microfilm reader (microform reader)
microfilm reel roll reel microfilm reader (microform reader)
microfilm roll roll not applicable microfilm reader (microform reader)
microfilm slip strip not applicable microfilm reader (microform reader)
microopaque sheet not applicable microfilm reader (microform reader)
overhead transparency sheet not applicable overhead projector (projector)
slide sheet not applicable slide projector (projector)
card card (sheet) not applicable not required
object not applicable not required


The alignment is given in a comma-separated variable (csv) format.