Data using the RDA vocabularies

Curie prefixes

These prefixes are recommended for use in a compact URI (curie), and are used in RDA Registry documentation.

Element sets

prefix namespace element set
rdac: RDA Classes
rdaa: Agent properties
rdaad: Agent datatype properties
rdaao: Agent object properties
rdae: Expression properties
rdaed: Expression datatype properties
rdaeo: Expression object properties
rdai: Item properties
rdaid: Item datatype properties
rdaio: Item object properties
rdam: Manifestation properties
rdamd: Manifestation datatype properties
rdamo: Manifestation object properties
rdan: Nomen properties
rdand: Nomen datatype properties
rdano: Nomen object properties
rdap: Place properties
rdapd: Place datatype properties
rdapo: Place object properties
rdat: Time-span properties
rdatd: Time-span datatype properties
rdato: Time-span object properties
rdau: Unconstrained properties
rdaw: Work properties
rdawd: Work datatype properties
rdawo: Work object properties
rdax: RDA Entity properties
rdaxd: RDA Entity datatype properties
rdaxo: RDA Entity object properties
rdaz: Meta-element properties

The prefix is suggested on the Registry webpage for each element set.

Value vocabularies

prefix namespace value vocabulary
rdaar: RDA Aspect Ratio Designation
rdabf: RDA Book Format
rdabs: RDA Broadcast Standard
rdacarx: RDA Carrier Extent Unit
rdacc: RDA Colour Content
rdacct: RDA Conventional Collective Title
rdacdt: RDA Cartographic Data Type
rdaco: RDA Content Type
rdacpc: RDA Configuration of Playback Channels
rdact: RDA Carrier Type
rdafmn: RDA Form of Musical Notation
rdafnm: RDA Format of Notated Music
rdafnv: RDA Form of Notated Movement
rdafr: RDA Frequency
rdafs: RDA Font Size
rdaft: RDA File Type
rdaftn: RDA Form of Tactile Notation
rdagen: RDA Generation
rdagrp: RDA Groove Pitch of an Analog Cylinder
rdagw: RDA Groove Width of an Analog Disc
rdaill: RDA Illustrative Content
rdalay: RDA Layout
rdamat: RDA Material
rdami: RDA Mode of Issuance
rdamt: RDA Media Type
rdapath: RDA Recording Methods
rdapf: RDA Presentation Format
rdapm: RDA Production Method
rdapol: RDA Polarity
rdare: RDA Regional Encoding
rdarm: RDA Recording Medium
rdarr: RDA Reduction Ratio Designation
rdasca: RDA Scale Designation
rdasco: RDA Sound Content
rdasoi: RDA Status of Identification
rdaspc: RDA Special Playback Characteristic
rdatc: RDA Track Configuration
rdatask: RDA Tasks
rdaterm: RDA Terms
rdatr: RDA Type of Recording
rdavf: RDA Video Format

The prefix is suggested on the Registry webpage for each value vocabulary.