RDA element sets

Item object properties

The Item object properties element set consists of properties accommodating object values for relationships of the RDA Item entity.

Each property in the element set:

  • has a domain of the class representing the Item entity.
  • has a range of the RDA Class representing any one of the RDA entities.
  • is linked to its parent canonical property in RDA Item properties by rdfs:subPropertyOf.
Number of elements: 126
Namespace: http://rdaregistry.info/Elements/i/object/
Suggested prefix: rdaio
Example curie (canonical)*: rdaio:P40001
Example curie (lexical)*: rdaio:identifierForTheItem

*All RDA URIs have both an immutable canonical form and a "readable", lexical form, which is subject to change (changes will be redirected).

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