RDA element sets

Manifestation object properties

The Manifestation object properties element set consists of properties accommodating object values for relationships of the RDA Manifestation

Each property in the element set:

  • has a domain of the class representing the Manifestation entity.
  • has a range of the RDA Class representing any one of the RDA entities.
  • is linked to its parent canonical property in RDA Manifestation properties by rdfs:subPropertyOf.
Number of elements: 240
Namespace: http://rdaregistry.info/Elements/m/object/
Suggested prefix: rdamo
Example curie (canonical)*: rdamo:P30001
Example curie (lexical)*: rdamo:carrierType

*All RDA URIs have both an immutable canonical form and a "readable", lexical form, which is subject to change (changes will be redirected).

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