RDA maps

Map from RDA refinements to RDA/ONIX Framework concepts

This map relates RDA value refinements to RDA/ONIX Framework value vocabularies.

RDA mapping ROF
rofchrda:T1001 skos:broader rofch:T1004
rofitrda:T1001 skos:broader rofit:T1001
rofitrda:T1002 skos:broader rofit:T1001
rofitrda:T1003 skos:broader rofit:T1001
rofitrda:T1004 skos:broader rofit:T1001
rofitrda:T1005 skos:broader rofit:T1003
rofitrda:T1006 skos:broader rofit:T1003
rofitrda:T1007 skos:broader rofit:T1003
rofsfrda:T1001 skos:broader rofsf:T1001