RDA maps

Map from unconstrained properties to MARC Code List for Relators

The map relates unconstrained element properties to codes from the MARC code list for relators. The code list is also available in Code Sequence.

The map is too large to display on this page. Please use a download to view the map.


The subject of each mapping is an unconstrained property with no domain or range and typed as rdfs:Property. The property is not differentiated with respect to RDA entities.

The predicate of each mapping is a SKOS property with no domain or range.

skos:closeMatch is used rather than skos:exactMatch because there is no formal alignment between RDA and the MARC code list. This looser mapping can be augmented by skos:exactMatch at any point in the future without deprecation because skos:exactMatch is a sub-property of skos:closeMatch. skos:narrowMatch is used for rdau:P60452 (designator "director of photography") because it is broader in scope than mrc:cng ("Cinematographer") and mrc:vdg ("Videographer")

The object of each mapping is the URI of a MARC relator code with no domain or range and typed as skos:Concept, rdfs:Property, owl:ObjectProperty, and mads:Topic.