RDA Alignments

Alignment from ISBD content form compounds to RDA/ONIX Framework

ISBD Compound Label,ROF Character,ROF Sensory Mode,ROF Image Dimensionality,ROF Image Movement
image (moving ; 2-dimensional ; visual),image,sight,two-dimensional,moving
image (moving ; 3-dimensional ; visual),image,sight,three-dimensional,moving
image (still ; 2-dimensional ; tactile),image,touch,two-dimensional,still
image (still ; 2-dimensional ; visual,image,sight,two-dimensional,still
image (still ; 3-dimensional; visual),image,sight,three-dimensional,still
movement (notated ; tactile),other,touch,not applicable,not applicable
movement (notated ; visual),other,sight,not applicable,not applicable
music (notated ; tactile),music,touch,not applicable,not applicable
music (notated ; visual),music,sight,not applicable,not applicable
music (performed),music,hearing,not applicable,not applicable
object (tactile),image,touch,three-dimensional,still
text (tactile),language,touch,not applicable,not applicable
text (visual),language,sight,not applicable,not applicable


This alignment relates compound statements based on the ISBD Content Form value vocabulary to the RDA/ONIX Framework element set and value vocabularies.

See also Alignment from ISBD content forms to RDA/ONIX Framework