RDA maps

Map from ISBD media types to RDA/ONIX Framework

@prefix isbdmt <http://iflastandards.info/ns/isbd/terms/mediatype/> .
@prefix rof: <http://rdaregistry.info/Elements/rof/> .
@prefix rofit: <http://rdaregistry.info/termList/rofit/> .
# Map from ISBD media type categories to RDA/ONIX Framework
# 3 June 2015
isbdmt:1001 rof:P10005 rofit:T1005 .
isbdmt:1002 rof:P10005 rofit:T1007 .
isbdmt:1003 rof:P10005 rofit:T1001 .
isbdmt:1004 rof:P10005 rofit:T1002 .
isbdmt:1005 rof:P10005 rofit:T1003 .
isbdmt:1006 rof:P10005 rofit:T1004 .
isbdmt:1007 rof:P10005 rofit:T1006 .


This map relates the ISBD Media Type value vocabulary to the ROF Intermediation Tool value vocabulary using the RDA/ONIX Framework element set.

The map is given in a terse triple language (ttl) serialization.