RDA maps

Map from RDA classes to IFLA LRM

This map relates selected RDA classes to LRMer (IFLA Library Reference Model Entity Relationship) classes.

RDA mapping LRMer
rdac:C10001 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E2
rdac:C10002 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E6
rdac:C10003 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E5
rdac:C10004 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E7
rdac:C10005 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E8
rdac:C10006 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E3
rdac:C10007 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E4
rdac:C10008 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E8
rdac:C10009 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E10
rdac:C10010 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E11
rdac:C10011 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E8
rdac:C10012 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E9
rdac:C10013 rdfs:subClassOf lrmer:E1